Can city farms feed a hungry world?

A text that gives some examples of how maybe larg issues loom in the near future as our population continues to expand, placing greater pressure on the world’s agricultural industries to meet demands.

/Poul Te13


Renovating American Infrastructure

In this article president Obama talks about how he want to change they way people use power! 

This is a good thing to think about, Why do we need to use everything we have to day? Why cant we just be smart and use a more economic and safer way’s to travle, right now we are just killing us slowly!

There is also new technology that we can use to reach this goal, its just a matter of willing to do whats right!


Extended trial begins for Japan’s infrastructure of the future

I just read an old article about japans future on infrastructure from 2008.

The article was about extending a trial allowing japan to change one of  the busiest area in Tokoy.

The reason for the changes was because they wanted tourist to understand better where they were because the streets didt have any names.


Infrastructure Investing’s Future Is in Roads,Power and Water

This is a text about how much it will cost to build different kinds of roads, airpots, and telecoms.

There will also be 2 different charts, one that shows what the prices will be for each thing they build,the other one will show how much we spend, and how much we actually need to spend.


Alexander Wannesian TE13


Vårat Grupp Kontrakt.

För att underlätta samarbetet i gruppen har vi enats om följande:

Om det vi kommit överens om inte följs har vi följande lösning på problemet



Alla gör lika mycket.

Är man klar med sitt arbete ska man hjälpa andra.

Vi är flitiga med vårt arbete. (vi slösar inte bort tiden)

Bra arbets miljö.



Är någon sjuk, så ska den person ta igen det den har missat, det vill säga att han ska jobba extra, hemma eller mer på lektionerna.





























Om man har bara gjort en del av ens arbete, eller inte arbetat alls ska man inte få betyg för det andras delar.


Om man inte vet vad man ska göra eller inte gör något, så ska man kommunisera med gruppen för att veta vad man ska göra.